Shaping the future

The number of social and ecological challenges are growing—and the demands on companies are rising along with them. Change is becoming inevitable and future preparedness involves setting firm guardrails and defining clear fields of action. The starting point is determining essential topics and linking future questions with business objectives.

Goals and roadmap

A strategic concept pointing the way into the future requires measurable goals and tools of implementation. A roadmap forms the basis for anchoring sustainability in the company. With Future-Fit Business, we integrate the requirements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and make progress measurable and manageable.

Materiality analysis

Determining material topics is the starting point for strategy and reporting. Our toolbox contains everything from tailored lists of topics to benchmarks and focus groups, as well as stakeholder surveys and materiality workshops all the way to audit-ready documentation.

Transformation and organizational development

Sustainability is a process of change which must involve all departments and company levels. Change is inevitable, yet when moderated correctly, it can even prove helpful at times.

Sustainability management

To coordinate the various fields of action for responsible business management, viable structures, governance, and impactful management functions must be established. We bring the necessary experience to the task.

Implementation of the SDGs

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form the global framework for sustainable development. We can support you in translating these global goals, its many targets into company-specific objectives and measurable contributions.

Climate Strategy & Climate Management

From assessing the carbon footprint to developing a climate strategy: We support our clients in making their contribution to the Paris Climate Change Agreement and setting ambitious climate targets - preferably in line with the Science Based Targets initiative. This enables you to systematically manage your climate risks and report in accordance with the requirements of the Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosures (TCFD).

KPIs and monitoring

Key figures help you see the big picture and control the implementation of the goals. Defining KPIs, however, is a sophisticated task. We can support you in this process and provide you with smart monitoring tools.

Market, competition and risk analyses

Smart decision-making requires solid analyses and framework conditions. When creating these, we draw on a wealth of experience while also building on our extensive network of experts.

Sustainable Finance & ESG Consulting

The EU's Sustainable Finance Action Plan is changing the financial and real economy at an unprecedented pace and scale. We offer guidance and advice on the upcoming EU taxonomy and on ESG requirements of the financial market: Which corporate activities will be considered sustainable in the future, what percentage of them are taxonomically compliant? Which ESG ratings do you have to consider and what do you have to do to achieve a better rating?


Purpose stands for the raison d'être of a company. It can only be formulated by reflecting on the global challenges. It expresses what constitutes a company and what it contributes to sustainable development. We help to develop the sustainability strategy hand in hand with purpose. In this way, we link sustainability with corporate culture and make companies fit for the future.


Guidelines lay down a guiding principle and provide orientation for daily action. We can help you formulate these objectives as an integral part of your management concepts, thereby creating both internal and external transparency.

Moderation and coaching

The more complex the topic, the more important it is to provide goal-oriented moderation during workshops, specialist forums or stakeholder dialogs. We consider moderating groups and coaching people key elements in the consultancy process.

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