Strong relationships in demand

Stakeholder expectations are an important indicator of change. When you’re aware of them, you’ll get ready and prepared. And when you meet expectations, you’ll boost your reputation, acceptance and potentially even your revenues. Stakeholder management creates strong relationships, observes and assesses societal developments, and thereby, also serves as an active risk management tool.

Stakeholder mapping and dialog

Stakeholder expectations are varied and can differ from group to group. We support you in identifying the relevant target groups and laying the right foundation for establishing stakeholder dialog on equal footing.

Sustainable Investor Relations

When ESG becomes the dominant benchmark in the capital market, investor relations (IR) must also change. Non-financial indicators are becoming more important in communication with investors, and new reporting formats such as EU-CSRD, TCFD or SASB are gaining in importance. In short, sustainable transformation must be demonstrated constantly, objectively and authentically.

Expert advisory board

When an organization is going through a time of change, advisory committees can provide helpful support. Regular meetings allow for a trusting exchange and for external viewpoints to be garnered. We can support you in systematically establishing and appointing advisory committees and facilitating regular advisory board meetings.

Surveys and insights

The choice of method is determined by the insights the company hopes to gain: Through online surveys, guideline-based interviews, qualitative analyses and focus groups, we’re able to bring about the right overview or deliberately dive deeper. This may also include indirect survey methods such as peer or media analyses, which can also yield valuable insight.

Stakeholder events

Events provide opportunities for different stakeholder groups to be brought together and engage in intensive dialog. We plan and moderate forums and events to enable controversial topics to be discussed or joint solutions to be developed.

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