Without communication, much ado amounts to nothing

Communication creates attention, conveys facts and values, and is the basis for creating understanding. This is necessary for making a joint effort of working towards sustainable development within companies and society. Therefore, it’s crucial for sustainability communication to provide inspiration and have a human touch. Most importantly, however, it must be completely sincere. Credible and target-oriented communication inevitably strengthens a company’s reputation and wins over employees and young talent.


A strong purpose brings a sustainability-oriented corporate strategy to the point that it inspires the target audiences and motivates employees. It describes the passion inherent in a company, and points the way to a future that is responsibly shaped together. We help to determine the purpose and implement it in word and action.

Communication concept

Ideally the communication concept follows the strategic core areas of the company. With a view to the relevant target groups, we develop the right positioning, define the core messages, the right communication measures and channels, and also manage timeframes, budgets and resources.

Creative guiding principle

Catchy communication comes to life through a creative guiding principle. This can find expression in a motto or key visual. We can propose initial text and design ideas which are then adjusted and fine-tuned in a joint agreement process.

Internal communication

Change can only occur when everyone pulls their weight and acts in concert. We’ll find the right ways of getting employees on board as contributors to, and representatives of, a company’s sustainability efforts. We’ll keep them in the loop, too.


Integrating sustainability in a brand requires both sustainability knowhow and experience in brand development. We can help bring both worlds together and develop a sustainability profile that includes an emotional appeal to the target groups.


Goodbye, greenwashing! We rely on credible communication that is touching, inspiring and empowering. To this end, we have founded a network with our strong partners Utopia and loveto that combines communication expertise, brand know-how and a passion for sustainability.


Campaigns that entail both creativity and depth of content attract more than just attention. They also arouse interest and motivate people to become actively involved. We provide support in concept development, creation and implementation across different channels.

Risk and crisis communication

Every business model has an impact on the environment, the workforce and society. We can analyze the potential existence of any reputation risks and develop the right measures to counteract them. This helps prepare and protect companies in case of a crisis.

Copywriting and design

For sustainability to become understandable and for communication to encourage an impulse to take action, complex concepts must be broken down into easy-to-grasp messages. Abstract issues can be made tangible through images. This is how we bring about clarity and an emotional appeal.

Latest case


Images that move and inspire: Carglass® brought environmental protection to the forefront of its employees’ attention.

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