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The REWE Group is setting new standards in online reporting thanks to its prize-winning reporting format oriented towards specific target groups.

The REWE Group commissioned us to develop a new concept for providing its sustainability reports in an online version only. One stipulation was that we take into account the different information needs of a wide range of target groups.

Together with our partner 3st kommunikation, we developed a responsive microsite that guides users to two completely different areas right from the start—according to their information needs: One is a sustainability magazine, which offers stories on current projects and REWE Group’s engagement, including photos, quotations and videos. The other is a GRI report, which is geared towards experts and, in strict compliance with the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), presents the REWE Group’s management concepts and key figures (the PDF comprises some 200 pages). On the user interface, two different sorting options for the GRI Standards can be applied: according to GRI logic or according to the REWE Group’s strategic foci. The microsite is complemented with such elements as a presentation of the sustainability strategy and interactive supply chains for relevant products.

The REWE Group’s equally comprehensive, attractive and sophisticated report ranked number one in the 2018 IÖW and future e. V. ranking. The microsite’s sustainability reporting won the gold Econ Award in 2016 as well as the Red Dot Award for outstanding communication design.

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