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A pharmaceutical wholesaler assessed the effectiveness of its sustainability management through an international stakeholder survey.

To systematically capture the stakeholders’ needs and expectations and lay a solid foundation for the further development of sustainability within the company, an international pharmaceutical wholesaler commissioned us to carry out a large-scale stakeholder survey. A second goal of the survey was to deliver an assessment as to which UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be considered particularly pertinent to the company’s future business.

Together with the client, we developed an online survey that was easy to understand for all target groups across a variety of countries. It queried relevant sustainability topics in a valid manner—without requiring any expert knowledge on the part of the participants—and was conducted in nine different languages, addressing a total of 12,000 stakeholders. An evaluation by country, and by categories such as professional group and age, demonstrated just how differently sustainability challenges, goals and activities are viewed and assessed.

With a response rate of almost 25 percent, the survey results could be considered highly representative. For the client, this added to the weight of any recommendation that would be derived from the survey for the future direction of their corporate sustainability management.

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