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A fashion group regularly assesses the impact of its project investments through its corporate citizenship strategy.

A clothing manufacturer that has worked with akzente in the area of sustainability reporting for many years wanted to become more skilled in capturing and measuring its social engagement. The purpose was to expand its activities in this area and improve project assessment through ratings. akzente is providing the necessary support to enable the manufacturer to set its future course in a well-founded strategic manner.

akzente does this by carrying out an annual impact assessment for selected projects of corporate social engagement. These assessments are always based on the globally established standard of the London Benchmark Group (LBG), which was developed specifically to assess the impact of social projects. This allows us to analyze the impact of a company’s concrete actions and donations as well as the financial and staff-related expenses linked to the outcome.

As a result, we can provide recommendations regarding the effectiveness of individual projects and the respective benefits for the company. The current focus is on creating long-term project evaluations and rendering the company’s positive strides regarding social engagement visible in the first place. In the medium term, the plan is to differentiate decisions so that an optimized social engagement may be made based on these results.

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