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What’s the responsibility of KfW regarding the protection of human rights when it comes to their financing projects? This was the question explored at a stakeholder roundtable.

The KfW Banking Group is regularly subjected to scrutiny regarding its adherence to human rights in its international projects. Which is why, against the backdrop of the German National Action Plan for Human Rights (NAP), this particular aspect required special attention in the group’s sustainability report. We proposed conducting a stakeholder roundtable on human rights, tying in to the positive experience of carrying out an expert dialog for the previous report.

Together we designed and organized a one-day expert dialog event with stakeholders from the political arena, trade associations, companies and NGOs. We managed to win over a high-caliber group of people for this event, thanks to both the clout of the KfW and our formidable network.

The event was moderated by akzente and characterized by lively discussions—which sometimes touched on controversial issues—from which  recommendations for the KfW Banking Group steering committee and inspiration for the KfW sustainability report were then derived. The issue of human rights was subsequently elucidated through insights from the expert dialog.

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