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Enabling a low-carbon economy in the chemical industry

With its report “Enabling the Future,” the global chemical association ICCA is breaking new ground in stakeholder engagement and communication.

ICCA had initiated a large-scale analysis process to assess the expectations of stakeholders and the contribution of the chemical industry to the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The findings were to be presented in a report in a clear and comprehensible manner.

The report “Enabling the Future” summarizes the results for policy makers. Together with our partners from loveto and Wortschleife, we developed a concept that presents the very complex chemical solution approaches in a well-structured and easy-to-understand way. Recurring content and graphic elements, a unique color code and a clear structure make navigating the report easy. Using concrete examples, we show reduction potentials in various industries and along the entire value chain. On the introductory pages, we also present the entire research process, key findings from the global stakeholder dialogue – conducted by our partners fors and KPMG – and more than 1,000 solutions.

The report “Enabling the Future,” which is as comprehensive as it is clear, offers ICCA and its member companies a solid basis for dialogue between business and politics in order to jointly set the framework for a low-carbon economy.

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