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Images that move and inspire: Carglass® brought environmental protection to the forefront of its employees’ attention.

Carglass®, the automotive glass repair and replacement specialist, wanted to motivate its workforce to tackle the topic of environmental protection. The company decided to make a movie that would convey the basics of environmental protection through inspiring images and would place the topic in a new light—a challenge akzente was more than happy to rise to.

Together with the company, we developed a storyboard for a film that could get to the heart of environmental protection and captivate its target group in an equally humorous and easy-to-grasp fashion. The result was a very modern animated movie that conveys the facts through storytelling and likeable characters. The movie, called “We’re thinking of tomorrow. Because tomorrow is today,” tells the story of what environmental protection means for Carglass® and how employees can get involved.

We managed to create a popular movie that strikes the right balance between target group-appropriate composition and in-depth content. It was nominated for the 2018 Econ Award in corporate communication.

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