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A globally active discount chain is fulfilling the sustainability demands being placed on the retail business through its global CR management system.

The goal of the company was to establish a corporate responsibility (CR) management system to be implemented in 30 country organizations. The specifications for akzente included that the system should comply with the international best practices of the sector while also providing room to maneuver for regional specificities regarding its implementation.

A special challenge lay in the fact that the demands on our client’s sector, the grocery retail trade, tend to be highly dynamic and include great regional variation. For this reason, akzente began by developing a generic field-of-action model for orientation, which then served as a starting point for the setting down of objectives, responsibilities and content for each country-specific report. Together with the company, we designed the respective ideal strategic, controlling and reporting processes in workshops. These processes were then tried out in the country organizations and, following a review, transferred into specific policies and process instructions.

As a result, all 30 country organizations were able to implement management responsibilities, processes and objectives regarding their sustainability efforts—in line with their respective market-specific framework conditions. These organizations are now equipped to regularly report to the company headquarters and their target groups.

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