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A better built environment in 2050

Initiative Wohnen.2050 — Achieving more for climate protection with more actors – This goal prompted Nassauische Heimstätte | Wohnstadt to seek allies in the housing construction industry and jointly launch the housing initiative 2050.

This Nassauische Heimstätte | Wohnstadt group of companies decided in the summer of 2019 that it wants to do more for climate protection in the built environment beyond its existing sustainability activities. The company itself pursues a climate strategy with long-term goals and publishes an annual sustainability report, which was among the top ten in the IÖW Ranking 2019.

In an ideation workshop, it would become clear that the company is prepared to share its knowledge and experience with other companies in the industry if it served climate protection. Now it was a matter of taking the step away from the company’s own profiling and towards a joint commitment. And so, the initiative was born. Together with WRDW, akzente conceived and organized the launch of the initiative from the design of the website to the successful founding of the association in January 2020.

To date, 23 real estate companies from across Germany have joined forces in the initiative to articulate strategies, set goals and have a strong voice. In addition to the Nassauische Heimstätte | Wohnstadt group of companies as the initiator, well-known players as Bauverein, Gewobag, Vivawest and Vonovia are also involved. Three working groups are now working on strategies for jointly achieving the 1.5°-degree climate goal.

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