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At global employee days, everything revolves around the UN’s global sustainability Goals.

Together with akzente, a company in the automotive and transportation industry has sensitized and informed its employees worldwide about the global sustainability goals of the UN (SDGs) and the company’s contribution to these goals. The abstract SDGs were made tangible through interactive measures at the employee days on site and encouraged employees to participate.

Together with the company, akzente developed a three-phase communication concept (including a communicative central idea, storyline and claim) as well as a dramaturgy for the communicative accompaniment of the employee day on site. The basis for this was the strategic evaluation and development of central key messages to the previously prioritised SDGs. The preparatory work was translated into a colourful bouquet of measures for communication in advance, at three coordinated locations during the day itself and for communicative follow-up: from regular news articles on the intranet, an SDG impulse presentation, a virtual reality station with video clips on the SDGs and goal-shooting on the prioritised SDGs to individually designed, interactive stations in the “SDG Circle Training”.

An inspiring day that showed: The commitment for the SDGs is fun, informs and inspires for sustainable cooperations in everyday work.

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